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Probably the most texts that are well-known the Dead Sea Scrolls are the ancient religious writings present eleven caves close to the web site of Qumran.

Discoveries from additional web internet sites yielded mostly papers and letters, specially papyri that were concealed in caves by refugees from wars. Although some among these writings survived as almost scrolls that are intact all of the archive is composed of tens and thousands of parchment and papyrus fragments.

Qumran Caves Scrolls

The Qumran Caves Scrolls contain significant spiritual literature. They include two types: “biblical” manuscripts—books present in today’s Hebrew Bible, and “non-biblical” manuscripts—other religious writings circulating through the 2nd Temple period, usually pertaining to the texts now into the Hebrew Bible. Of the 2nd category, some are considered “sectarian” in general, given that they seem to explain the spiritual thinking and methods of a particular community that is religious.